#notestoself #fifthdiscipline – Seven learning disabilities

  1. I am my position ( I am experiencing this when moving teams from command and control mode to self organizing teams)
  2. The enemy is out there (Two most widely used words among project managers are ‘but’ and ‘they’, based on my interactions with 6000 of them. Majority believes that they are perfect, and the problem is out there.)
  3. The illusion of taking charge. (proactive Vs reactive. Very often we mistake pro activeness as aggressive reactions  )
  4. Fixation on events (Yes, we find some event as the trigger for everything, and fail to understand complex causes contributing to the effect)
  5. The parable of the boiled frog. (The problems aggravates gradually)
  6. The delusion of learning from experience (Very often the effect happens outside the span of focus of the cause, hence we fail to learn from experience)
  7. The myth of the management team (All management teams fumble when they try to resolve complex issues)

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